Hi I’m Elian, I enjoy working with architecture and contemporary art. Currently I direct Galeria e Bregdetit, and am lobbying for a cultural rehabilitation of Sazan Island, while taking on a variety of creative and cultural collaborations. Read the full bio and drop me a line.

Off Season @ Manifesta 14
Learning From Disasters
Temporal Autonomous Utopias: Informal City
ↆ✗~2: Where the roads are paved with gold
Future Ecologies – The Isle of Thorns
From the countryside to outer space…
Off Season Artist Residency
VAB Stories 04: Moments of Transition
ↆ✗~ South by the Sea
New Tirana City Hall Competition
Congress of Lushnje Museum
White Horses
Sazan: No Man’s Land
A Little Rain, Then Sun
Galeria e Bregdetit
Occupied Space
A Revised Manifesto of Futurism
Tirana 2030 Design Team
Osumi Panoramas Competition
Round Table on the Future
Bike Culture and Urban Space
Exercising Freedom
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