ↆ✗~ South by the Sea

South by the Sea, is a yearly showcase of southern voices in contemporary art. This  first edition features three artists who reflect on the unique objects created by the Albanian transition. Ledia Kostandini, Theo Napoloni, and Sead Kazanxhiu are from the south of Albania, which is probably visible in their fearless use of colour; but what unites them most is their belonging to a generation of artists who have spent their lives in the 30-year Albanian transition.

Artefacts of the urban landscape are observed anew through their decontextualisation, highlighting the irony of the often absurd situations that this period has produced, but also a dubious melancholy for unique cultural characteristics that very quickly endanger ceasing to exist.

With this project, Galeria e Bregdetit begins a series of exhibitions which draw attention to the Global South as a physical but also sociopolitical position, creating a platform for artists who call themselves from the “South”.

July 10th – August 2nd 2020
Galeria e Bregdetit

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South by the Sea 2

Photos by Gerta Xhaferaj