ↆ✗~2: Where the roads are paved with gold

South by the Sea, is a yearly showcase of southern voices in contemporary art. This  second edition features three artists originating from the south of Albania who reflect on the invisible legacy of a people’s movement.

It was exactly 30 years ago, on August 8th 1991, that a 150 meter long ship by the name of Vlora reached the shores of Bari- Italy, while overflowing with 20 thousand newly liberated Albanians dreaming of brighter opportunities. The recent collapse of the Iron Curtain had changed the relationship between East and West Europe, reuniting a continent split on ideology, and repaving the roads of trade and migration that had artificially collapsed since WWII.

The works in view create a multifaceted narrative which aims to bring forward experimental sides of three artists whose lives have been unmistakably marked by migration. Roland Runaj presents a handcrafted ode to his compatriots’ drives and hopes from that iconic scene from 30 years ago; while Niku Alex Muçaj’s “Lonely Tools” reflects on the loss of labor and human potential; and Vangjush Vellahu concludes with “A piece to remember” a hyper-personal journey fragmented in a meticulously archived jumble.

South by the Sea 2 has been supported by the PCF RELIEF FUND FOR T.I.C.A. – AIRLAB PROGRAM.

Curated by:
Elian Stefa

Niku Alex Muçaj
Roland Runaj
Vangjush Vellahu

August 8th —
September 10th 2021
Galeria e Bregdetit

T.I.C.A. Airlab

Supported by:
Prince Claus Fund

Part of the Series:
South by the Sea