The Concrete Mushrooms Documentary

Concrete Mushrooms is an initiative started by Elian Stefa and Gyler Mydyti. The research studies the history of Albania, focusing on the reasons for building hundreds of thousands of bunkers all over the country during the Hoxha regime. The film follows with stories of the ways that the people of Albania nowadays coexist with the bunkers; why have they appropriated them, and how do they use them today.

Elian Stefa & Gyler Mydyti

Elian Stefa

Elian Stefa

Gyler Mydyti
Elian Stefa

1st Prize Winner – Video Category
Stories of Change, ARUP Stage2, London

Part of the Series:
The Concrete Mushrooms Book

Marubi Studio exhibition
May-November 2010
Helsinki Museum of Cultures, Helsinki

Dokufest 6 Official Selection
August 2010
Lumbardhi, Prizren

ARUP’s Stories of Change
July 2011
Phase2, London

Part of the ‘Concrete in Common’ exhibition
August 2012
Kunst Raum Riehen, Basel

Part of Albanian Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale
August 2012

Official Selection Balkanfilmfestival
November 2012