At SAM Labs, one of our main focuses is community. At LimeWharf, we've found that and more - much more. The friendliness between companies is ever present during frequent community events. The Wharf has been incredible in providing the resources for our business, and our neighbours', to grow and thrive. The east London location not only cultures us here at SAM, but also serves as a global selling point. To be part of this startup scene is an incredible experience and we're incredibly happy to do so in the driven, lively and creative LimeWharf community.

The support we received from LimeWharf was amazing. We were given a great space to create our work and everyone we came across was friendly and supportive. We really enjoyed our time there as part of the resident community. Hug thanks, The LipSinkers x

LimeWharf are the most welcoming, supportive space from which a business can grow.  For us, having the perfect location, space to create, perform, rehearse, socialise, sit at a desk and have meetings, LimeWharf was the making of us.  Housing our club night Sink The Pink and all its requirements is no mean feat, but there is nothing that Tam and the team wouldn't do for us, we feel honoured and blessed to be part of LimeWharf's story and are so proud to see members of our crew working there and putting on successful nights in the space.  We were also able to launch our company East Creative Agency at LimeWharf, making the most of the incredible space, strong internet and great vibes.  We are eternally grateful to LimeWharf for supporting us as we found our feet.

It's exciting to find a community of makers so open to collaborations and experimental opportunities like LimeWharf. The support we've received from the different people and members of the LimeWharf and Machines Room ecosystem is invaluable. We are very happy to be hosted at LimeWharf and we look forward to continue growing our communities together.

Working as artist in residence at Machines Room was great, I learned loads of practical stuff and had the chance to get to grips with the machines. It was particularly good having the expert makers on hand to help using the laser cutter and plotter-cutter - plus hints and ideas for how to improve my designs. I still use lots of the techniques I learned, and the things I made during my residency.  Plus plan to return again soon to make more stuff!

I had the pleasure of working at LimeWharf for several different artistic endeavours last year. I wrote a script there, rehearsed a performance piece there, and shot a music video there too. I found it a stimulating environment to work in, the team were always encouraging and supportive, and I met a wonderful array of characters to boot.

The LimeWharf Artist-in-Residence programme is a diverse platform that embraces the mutations any creative process goes through in order to distill and arrive at an idea. Thomas and I set out to explore NASA's concerns with growing a foetus in zero gravity and curved this thinking into a music video called The Biological Bakery visualising a DIY bio fab-lab, that clones body parts in the kitchen.
This programme expands beyond the geographical bounds of the LimeWharf, together we continue working on projects based around the concept of the anomaly and health futures.

LimeWharf supported my practice with a two month residency and exhibition of the project Music of the Spheres. The residency included a free studio and access to the exhibition space, which was invaluable in allowing me to experiment with the project and test out my ideas in a supportive environment.

At LimeWharf there is a sense that anything could happen, which allowed for that sense of possibility we were looking for. The spaces reflect the constant evolution of ideas and creative projects so it was an exciting place for our first residency, for us and our audience!